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Reflective Address Signs 

The Newbury Volunteer Fire Department is always in the process of updating our map and address book of all the homes in Newbury Township. This is a book that we have on all of our trucks which shows Newbury Township roads with individual addresses listed. We have, over the years, kept this as up to date as possible. We do not receive any of this information from the Township or county level. The volunteer members of our department have spent many hours doing this themselves.

This is very important information to us and you during an emergency in which you may need the fire departments assistance. Our map and address book can help us pinpoint your location quicker. Without it, minutes can be lost.

We drive around the township and get addresses that may have been added since our last update and insert them into our book. Occasionally we may come across a resident that does not have their address posted and visible from the road, for one reason or another.

We think it is very important for your address to be placed, not only for fire/rescue, but for police as well. In time of an emergency, not being able to find your house address quickly, can mean the difference between life and death.

If you are interested, the fire department sells reflective address signs at our cost of $10.00 per sign. (small or large mounting bracket sold seperately) If you are not interested in purchasing our signs, please put something up of your own that is visible from the road.

If you would like to purchase an address sign from us, click here for a form that you can print out and fill in the appropriate information. When you are ready to order, you can mail the form back to us, or email it to Please call our non-emergency phone number 440-564-2261, and leave a message if you have any questions. When your sign is ready, someone will call you to let you know.


Reflective Address Sign
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