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Department History 

   On August 9, 1954, after much investigation and discussion, the first meeting to form a fire department was held at the Newbury Town Hall. The participants included Township Trustees, American Legion members, and interested community residents. On August 18, 1954, thirty-eight men signed the Articles of Incorporation, thus creating the Newbury Volunteer Fire Department Inc. After formation of the corporation, the difficult task of creating an effective fire fighting unit had begun.

  The fire department's first purchase was a $3,600 six-by-six pumper. The department received $250 per year plus $30 per call from the township. In 1958, that was changed to $2,000 per year instead of a per call basis.

   In 1955, the new fire station was completed. The fire fighting fleet was improved with additions of a 1350 gallon six-by-four tanker for a cost of $1,300, and a Willy's Jeep pickup for a cost of $370.

   In 1956, after fire training was established, the members of the fire department decided it was time to expand their services to the community. They accomplished this feat by going into the rescue service as well as firefighting. A resuscitator was donated by the Ladies Auxilliary (The Flames) to be used for heart attack victims and cases of breathing difficulties. Until the purchase of a heavy rescue, the firefighters transported this piece of equipment to the scene in their personal vehicle or in their grass unit.

   In 1957, communications were improved by the purchase of a two-way car radio. This greatly improved the communications difficulty that was experienced until that time.

In 1961, growing pains were starting to be felt at the small fire station. With each new piece of equipment, and storage space becoming almost non-existent, the members decided it was time to expand. Three large equipment bays and a kitchen were constructed, most of which was done by volunteer labor.

In 1970, a new fire contract was signed with the township trustees. It was a $7,600 contract with a rider clause calling for $40 for each call after 75 calls.

In 1974, the fire department purchased their first rescue squad for a cost of $18,000.

In 1975, the Newbury Volunteer Fire Department became the first fire department in Geauga County to have certified paramedics.

In 1977, with the assistance of federal funds, a paging system was purchased. With pagers for all firefighters and a base radio station, communications greatly improved on receiving alarms. The members, with their own money, also purchased a CB base station to help improve communications between the fire station and the individual vehicles, without "cluttering-up" the new fire band.

In 1988, plans for a new, larger, fire station were under way.

In 1990, the fire department moved into their new and present location on Rt. 87 East of Auburn Rd.

In 2002, the fire department purchases it's first Aerial Ladder Truck, along with a Pumper/Tanker. Both trucks are purchased at the same time, saving thousands of dollars. Both trucks are equipped with state-of -the-art foam systems.

In 2005, the fire department purchases 2 new ALS Rescue Squads. The first one purchased was a demonstration model, saving the department several thousand dollars. Within a few short months, the second, identical squad was purchased.

In December of 2011, due to major water problems with the fire stations flat roof, the process of putting a pitched roof on the entire building begins.
Update: Pitched roof and all interior repairs (new carpeting and ceiling tiles thru out, and all rooms repainted) were completed, June 2012.

February 2012, took delivery of our new Pierce Engine 4127. This new engine will be taking the place of the older engine 4127 and heavy rescue 4171, combining two trucks into one.

2014, purchased new GMC Sierra, 1 ton, 4wd,  "First Responder" vehicle.

November 2017. Completed replacing all older SCBA's (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) with all new MSA G1's. Engine 4127, Engine/Tanker 4121, and Aerial Ladder 4141 now have all the new G1's. These feature quick connect bottles, heads up LED display, loud and clear communication, improved comfort balance and fit, rechargeable battery, and integrated technology for future expansion. (Bluetooth, RFID, Long range radio)

March 2021. Ordered a new Pierce Enforcer Pumper/Tanker. Delivery to be in early 2023. This new truck will replace our existing Pumper/Tanker 4121.

April 10, 2023. Ground breaking ceremony for our fire station addition/renovation. (See Station Addition Page)

March 2024. Moved into our newly renovated and expanded fire department. Started the process of staffing 24/7.

Today, the ALL volunteer fire department runs on a yearly budget of $300,000, with 10 members, operating seven pieces of equipment.

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