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Burn Permits 


Throughout the year, the fire department receives many complaints about open burning. In order to protect you and your property from any un-necessary damage, you should know about the Ohio rules and regulations pertaining to open burning.

Are you aware it is illegal, in the State of Ohio, to burn grass, leaves, branches, twigs, (agricultural waiste) etc., without a permit from your local fire department?

Did you know it is illegal to burn materials containing rubber, asphalt, grease, or any other liquid petroleum products?

If you are interested in burning agricultural waste materials (as listed above), you can click the link below to print a burn permit. They do not cost anything! They are a FREE permit. And they are valid for 7 days, once approved.

Please be aware, that if you are filling out a Newbury Burn Permit application, and you are burning closer than 1,000 ft. from an inhabited building located off your property, (YOUR NEIGHBORS HOUSE), you will NOT be approved for a permit by the Newbury Volunteer Fire Department. (These are EPA Regulations)

Fill out the form and return at least 10 days prior to your planned burn date. A member of the fire department will come to the site of your intended burn to ensure safe conditions and to inform you of the burning laws prior to your burn. Filling out the permit and sending it to the fire department does not give you the permission to carry out your burn. A fire department member must contact you prior to burning. This is the law!

These laws were made by the State of Ohio to protect you and your property from preventable harm. Please be safe!

Click Here To Download Newbury Fire Dept. Burn Permit 

Click Here to fill out a Burn Permit electronically.  (Now Available!)

Ohio EPA Open Burning Regulations

3 ways to apply for open burn permit.
1. You can print out and mail your completed burn permit to the fire department. (Newbury Vol. Fire Dept. P.O. Box 255, Newbury,Ohio,44065)
2. You can print out and place your completed permit in the mailbox right by the fire stations front door.
3. Fill out burn permit electronically.
Your permit will be given to the appropriate person in charge of burn permits, and they will contact you.

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